Pet Foods – Truth, Lies, and Outright Deception

Evidenced Based Medicine

 Ever hear the saying “you are what you eat?” It is a very simple statement with a lot of truth behind it. It applies, not only to your pet’s physical well being, but to its mental health as well. The pet food industry is an extremely competitive market. It is estimated that Americans spend 17.4 BILLION dollars a year on pet food. With this amount of money being spent, it’s no wonder why companies are trying desperately to convince you that their product is the best. Some of the claims out there are true, some are outright false, and some are purposely meant to deceive you. I will do my best to clear things up. Continue reading

Realistic Expectations

Most of the posts I have on this site are instructional, a collection of “how to’s” if you will.  I’d like to change gears a little with this post and make it mainly an informative one.  I’d like to talk a little about realistic expectations, or maybe unrealistic ones.  Many people get a dog and put very little thought into the decision.  They see a breed that looks cool or appeals to them in some way and that’s about as much thought that goes into the acquisition.  Continue reading

How To Introduce Your Dog To Your Infant

Having a baby is an exciting time for everyone.  There will be lots of changes in your life, especially if this is you first child.  For your dog, it can be more stressful than exciting.  Thankfully, there are many things that can be done to make this transition much easier for your dog.  If you are a person who has had a dog fill the role of a child, and you are having your first human child, you need to start working on this ASAP, pretty much as soon as you find out you are pregnant.  The sooner you institute the following, the better. Continue reading

How To Stop Your Dog’s Leash Pulling


At the heart of all of my recommendations for behavior modification is exercise.  One of the best forms of exercise is walking with your dog.  Not only is it great cardiovascular activity for both of you, but it CAN be great bonding time as well.  I all caps CAN because, for many of my clients, walking their dog is a nightmare filled with stories of bad shoulders and backs and pulling.  This type of walk is anything but pleasant.  Luckily, there is a better way.  There are many ways to tame your sled dog in training, I will discuss the easiest, fastest, and most human of these, the Gentle Leader. Continue reading